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Injection Molding Machine Maintenance

Precision Molding Machine Services offers comprehensive maintenance, repairs, and preventative service for injection molding machines, ensuring optimal performance, minimized downtime, and consistent high-quality output for manufacturing operations.

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Injection Molding Machine Maintenance Experience

At Precision Molding Machine Services, we specialize in providing exceptional maintenance repairs and preventative service for injection molding machines. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to ensuring that your manufacturing operations run smoothly, efficiently, and without interruptions. With our comprehensive range of services, we aim to keep your injection molding machines in optimal condition, maximize their lifespan, and deliver consistent, high-quality output.

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PMMS provides a service that shows they are there for the customer by showing pride and true craftsmenship from the start to the end of any project.


Hey Bill, Thanks for squeezing us in today. Justin and Jason got us up and going in no time! Last I checked KM6 is humming along with no drooling.

We’re fortunate to have a vendor like PMMS. Thanks again.


The work conducted by PMMS is of the highest professional work for large tonnage injection molding machines. We would recommend PMMS to other molders for timely resolutions to unexpected problems and high-quality service.


Over 40 Years Of Molding Machine Maintenance.

Precision Molding Machine Services is an independently owned service and repair company resolving injection molding machine needs for customers throughout the United States . With over 40 years of experience, PMMS is proficient in achieving OEM leveling, parallelism and concentricity specifications using specialized tooling and precision gauges.

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Don’t see your question? Reach out and get the answers you’re looking for. If we can’t be of assistance we will point you in the right direction.

Is Emergency Service Available?

Absolutely. At PMMS we understand how costly downtime can be, we provide accurate quotes and are no strangers to red-eye flights.

What Happens When A Machine Can't Be Repaired?

When an injection molding machine can’t be repaired, in addition to complete machine rebuilds we also provide new machine procurement and logistics services.

Do You Warranty Your Services?


Do You Offer Custom Solutions For Unique Applications?

Yes, from new facility layouts and platfrom access to custom safety and maintenance structures.

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