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Molding Machine Services

Experienced, reliable molding machine maintenance, scraping, moving, installing, repair, and custom machine platform fabrication.

24/7 Emergency Services

Repair & Maintenance

Proper maintenance can avoid costly repair & downtime, but when something breaks PMMS has a solution.

Refurbish & Rebuilds

Professional injection molding rebuilds backed by over 40 years of experience.

Custom Fabrication

We design and fabricate custom platforms to fit your factory floor and molding machine.

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Injection Molding Machine Maintenance

  • Regular maintenance checks: Conducting scheduled inspections to identify any potential issues and ensure optimal performance of the machines.
  • Cleaning and lubrication: Thoroughly cleaning machine components and applying appropriate lubricants to prevent wear and maintain smooth operation.
  • Dry ice blasting: A safe and efficient cleaning method that employs solid CO2 pellets as a means of impact for the removal of surface impurities, all without the need for chemicals, abrasive substances, elevated temperatures, or steam.
  • Calibration: Calibrating machine settings, including temperature, pressure, and timing, to ensure accurate and consistent production.
  • Component replacement: Replacing worn-out or damaged components such as nozzles, heaters, screws, or molds to maintain machine efficiency.
  • Electrical system inspection: Checking and troubleshooting electrical connections, control panels, sensors, and actuators to prevent electrical faults.

24/7 Emergency Service Available

24/7 Emergency Repair Service

  • Troubleshooting and diagnostics: Identifying and resolving issues that may arise during machine operation, such as malfunctions, leaks, or inconsistent output.
  • Mechanical repairs: Repairing or replacing mechanical components, including motors, pumps, valves, or hydraulic systems.
  • Electrical repairs: Fixing electrical faults, replacing faulty components, or repairing wiring to ensure proper machine functionality.
  • Control system repairs: Addressing problems related to the machine’s control software, PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), or human-machine interface.

As Close As It Gets To Good As New!

Custom Platform Fabrication

We understand that the efficiency of your manufacturing setup depends not only on the performance of your machines but also on the workspace around them. Our experienced team works closely with you to design and fabricate custom platforms and workstations that are tailored to your specific needs. Whether you require ergonomic workstations for operators, sturdy platforms for machine access, or specialized setups for unique production requirements, we have the expertise to create solutions that enhance workflow, safety, and productivity. Trust us to provide seamless integration of these custom designs into your manufacturing environment, optimizing the overall efficiency of your operations.

Platform Design & Fabrication Done Right!